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Content Strategy, FMCG and Retail

Acting as a content manager on behalf of a digital marketing agency, I worked directly with Aveeno’s communications team to create a content strategy which related to their new product ( new at that time in 2010) Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. This involved

  • Liaising with the client’s comms team and coming up with content marketing ideas
  • Analysing past marketing materials and content which could be repurposed or remixed.
  • Extensive beauty blogger outreach, see example here and this VLOG
  • Generating ideas for content including vlogs, blog reviews and feature articles in online magazines.
  • Pitching ideas for copy to freelance content writers.
  • Managing the workflow of the new content according to a content schedule I created.
  • Working together with the digital team to test out methods for optimising traffic to the client’s site through off-site content marketing, social sharing and landing page optimisation.
  • The generation of content ideas for sales funnel optimisation, such as FAQs,  creation, beauty blogger information and materials to go along with test products, and from blogger reviews, generating rich media testimonials on video.

The customer decision-making process for buying the new product from Aveeno was greatly improved by the product reviews, vlogs and blog posts about the new product. This translated to higher engagement and traffic from the blog sites direct to the retailer.