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British Gas ‘Price Freeze’ content marketing campaign

Content Strategy, Energy and infrastructure


British Gas was one of my key clients at an agency I used to work with in 2011-2012 in the UK. I worked with their corporate team to create a content strategy around a seasonal offering from British Gas – an offer that allowed customers to freeze their gas prices for the year at a static amount and pay the same amount each month, rather than have to deal with price fluctuations.


I recommended that British Gas develop a series of helpful and practical blogs around cost-savings and helpful tips for staying warm and being wise with energy during the colder months. Also I recommended that the brand attempt blogger outreach to influential bloggers in Britain who would be willing to host sponsored posts about these helpful hints. I recommended that British Gas also try to use native advertising and sponsored posts on sites like the Daily Mail and The Guardian.


I created a content calendar, selected influential UK bloggers with a large following in the health and lifestyle catergory. I got costings and data on native advertising in lifestyle magazines and national news media like The Guardian and the Daily Mail. I researched topics which would be relevant and useful to the average British Gas customer. The customer persona for the British Gas brand was  the  decision maker of the household, this person is generally also the primary caregiver of the household and the bill-payer. By targeting this customer persona with relevant content that is interesting and helpful to them, it builds brand trust, thought leadership and also with time, brand loyalty.

The content strategy involved the creation of several infographics which visualised the leaky, coldest parts of the home and nifty ways to fill the gaps. Another infographic visualised the ideal energy-saving home. Tips for the winter included articles about winter warming tips for cooking food in the most energy efficient way, doing the washing in an energy efficient way and tips for making your kids become more energy conscious around the home. These blog posts and infographics were used on social media and in the blog part of the British Gas website in conjunction with several paid PPC advertising campaigns around the Winter Price Freeze campaign.


Pitching out these helpful hint articles to lifestyle blogs and news sites with backlinks to the original articles on the British Gas site was successful. The objective was to create high quality branded content which reflected the British Gas brand and led to greater brand trust and authority on energy-saving. The off-site content was also placed on high ranking and reputable blogs and also used in conjunction with PPC campaigns around the Price Freeze offer. This led to a boost in google search rankings under several keywords like energy-saving tips and winter energy saving.