Brain Research New Zealand – videography

Video editing, event management and media liaison

I acted as the creative director and interviewer for a range of researchers during the launch of the national Dementia Prevention Research Clinics on behalf of Brain Research New Zealand. I cut and edited several short videos about the important work being done in the area of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia research.

For the videos, I interviewed members of parliament and Maori researchers on different aspects of the research. For editing and post-production I used Lightworks and Blender.

Along with doing the creative aspects of the videography, I coordinated and managed the event itself on the day and the media liaison in the lead up to the event.

A multimedia kit for journalists

The videos were put together with written comms and photography to form a multimedia kit for the media which answered all of their queries. For the event itself I invited key journalists from Seven Sharp, TVNZ’s Sunday program, Fairfax, Te Karere, Maori TV, the Chinese Herald and Tangata Pasifika. On the date of the event some journalists were given the opportunity to speak directly with the researchers at the event for their own coverage. Each of these journalists received a copy of the media pack in the weeks following the event.


Brain Research New Zealand received unprecedented national coverage of the launch of the clinics in Dunedin and Auckland. As this was a landmark event for research into Alzheimer’s disease, it was a vital part of the overall comms and marketing strategy and I had dozens of media inquiries for months after the event, indicating the effectiveness of the multimedia campaign.

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Master of Health Leadership website

The Master of Health Leadership programme offered at the University of Auckland is a new masters programme designed for aspiring health leaders. I helped the programme director to put together the content, structure the site content in a logical, flowing, easy to understand manner that is intuitive to the reader and prioritise the most important bits of information for the potential student to find, so that it was user-centric in all possible ways. I created all of the infographics, a lot of the writing and the web design.

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The Coronary Atlas

Content Strategy, Copywriting, Graphic design, Web design

The Coronary Atlas project aims to understand the reasons coronary stents fail, how we can improve them and help more patients effectively. I helped the researchers by building a website and doing all of the graphic design, web design, Google Analytics integration, on-site SEO optimisation and some of the content.

I helped them to articulate their message through visual and written content assets so that they could talk about complex academic concepts in a way that anyone could understand.

Design showreel 


During the planning and scoping phase of the design, I did some usability assessments in the form of interviews, surveys and looking at the design of competitors sites. I then worked with the researchers to design a website that was usable, relevant and designed with the various stakeholders in mind who are of interest to the researchers.

The final design consisted of a general interest page that was written in a simpler language called Global Context. This page was a reference guide to coronary artery disease and featured an interactive infographic. This contrasted to other pages which were research focused and written with other researchers in mind.

Infographic creation, interactive design

Working along with the researchers, I created an infographic which demonstrates in a clear and articulate manner, a very complex engineering and research pipeline. I also designed all of the icons, the interactive elements and slides.

Coronary Atlas infographic - Optimising Stenting outcomes by Athena Dennis.

Coronary Atlas infographic – Optimising Stenting outcomes by Athena Dennis.